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Receive a free special report on the “Four Don'ts for Your First Business Trip to China” by Pat Tith. Just enter your name and email below.Receive a free special report on the “Four Don'ts for Your First Business Trip to China” by Pat Tith. Just enter
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“Pat's background and experience was critical to the success of the programs in leadership and multicultural interaction. She brought a fresh and exciting approach as well as an extremely positive attitude to the challenge.”

Global Education
and Training Director

“Dynamic, very frank and open speaker, passionate for her topic.”

HR Partner,
Quebec, Canada

“As all companies globalize, I believe cultural training such as the one you provide is an excellent investment for the corporations.”

—Lucent Technologies,
International Marketing
Vice President

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About Pat Tith & Global Workplace:
Achieving Success Through Multicultural and Global Diversity

Pat Tith & Global Workplace: Creating Success Through Multicultural and Global DiversityPat Zakian Tith, M.S., M.A., has more than 25 years of experience with multicultural diversity and global workplace issues, both in the United States and abroad in her area of specialization--leadership in the multicultural and global workplace.

As a sociolinguist, Pat understands the interactions of culture and language, and how they play out in the multicultural workplace and in business interactions at home and abroad.

She has extensive experience in the U.S. and around the world working with major corporations, international organizations, government agencies, associations, and universities that need constructive communications across cultures in all aspects of their businesses in order to remain competitive.

Pat also offers her services with a special emphasis on the multicultural and workplace diversity issues associated with working with China. She lived in China on two different occasions, and has been working there with companies on a regular basis since 1979. Pat's first contact with China and the Chinese was at Georgetown University in 1979, where she taught the first group of scholars from China to come to the U.S. after the normalization of relations between the two countries.

Since then she's developed and facilitated AT&T’s first training programs in leadership and management development in China as part of an Asia-Pacific roll out of these programs. She designed and delivered programs for senior leadership retreats in China for Lucent Technologies, and has conducted interviews at major multi-national corporations and joint ventures in China.

Pat Tith understands the complexities of language and the subtleties required to communicate effectively across multicultural lines. As the president of Global Workplace, she is ready to help your business expand into the global marketplace, and will help you make that transition easy and profitable.

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Pat Tith is a member of the National Speakers Association (Member NSA) and International Federation for Professional Speakers (Member IFFPS).
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