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“Pat's background and experience was critical to the success of the programs in leadership and multicultural interaction. She brought a fresh and exciting approach as well as an extremely positive attitude to the challenge.”

Global Education
and Training Director

“Dynamic, very frank and open speaker, passionate for her topic.”

HR Partner,
Quebec, Canada

“As all companies globalize, I believe cultural training such as the one you provide is an excellent investment for the corporations.”

—Lucent Technologies,
International Marketing
Vice President

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Let Pat Tith Show You the Tools of Success

Let Pat Tith Show You the Tools of SuccessWhether your business is just thinking about global expansion or about to open a new branch in Beijing, it's critical that your key executives and employees have--and understand how to use--the critical tools of success.

Without thorough training, leadership and acknowledged team goals, no business can grow--let alone survive!--in today's multicultural global marketplace.

What is a "Global Workplace"?

A true global workplace is one that integrates people from different cultures and creates better results. It is one that engages all employees and is able to effectively interact with different kinds of customers and clients. In the face of today's global economy these are the companies and organizations that provide high performance and top-quality services.

Do any of these common business challenges in today's workplace sound familiar?

  • disengaged and unmotivated employees

  • loss of the best talent

  • “toxic” workplace environments

  • ineffective or outdated management and leadership approaches/practices

  • low customer satisfaction

  • limited ability and effort made to communicate with younger employees

  • no meaningful leadership development and coaching programs in place

  • no global mindset to deal with a diverse workplace

The real challenges facing many of today's businesses that want to expand and
become true players in the global marketplace are:

  • transforming the way your business works to achieve success

  • discovering effective ways to collaborate in a culturally savvy and knowledgeable way

Pat Tith and Global Workplace are committed to showing you and your leadership team new and efficient ways to grow your business and customer base. You'll save time and money, and create a workplace environment that your best employees would never think of leaving!

Through customized training, leadership programs, and one-on-one coaching and consulting, Pat can quickly help you turn your business around and get it back on course to profitability and international growth. Our business-building programs include:

  • developing "coaching" managers

  • leveraging the hidden skills of your multicultural workforce

  • developing relevant and on-going leadership and mentoring

  • creating outstanding communication and listening skills

  • recruiting and retaining the best talent

  • creating workplace environments that engage and motivate your team

  • working, leading, and managing with a global mindset

Each of these customized workplace solutions is delivered via consulting, training, and coaching programs, and supported with Internet, webinar, and teleseminar presentations as well. Every program is customized to target the specific needs of your organization.

As Albert Einstein once said, "The problems of today will NOT be
solved by the same thinking that produced the problems in the first place."
Discover how Pat Tith can help your organization improve efficiency and
productivity on a global scale. Call 1-202-293-7748 today.

Pat Tith is a member of the National Speakers Association (Member NSA) and International Federation for Professional Speakers (Member IFFPS).
For more information, call us at +1 202-293-7748 or send a fax to +1 202-466-3376.
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