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Receive a free special report on the “Four Don'ts for Your First Business Trip to China” by Pat Tith. Just enter your name and email below.Receive a free special report on the “Four Don'ts for Your First Business Trip to China” by Pat Tith. Just enter
your name and email below.


“Pat's background and experience was critical to the success of the programs in leadership and multicultural interaction. She brought a fresh and exciting approach as well as an extremely positive attitude to the challenge.”

Global Education
and Training Director

“Dynamic, very frank and open speaker, passionate for her topic.”

HR Partner,
Quebec, Canada

“As all companies globalize, I believe cultural training such as the one you provide is an excellent investment for the corporations.”

—Lucent Technologies,
International Marketing
Vice President

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Understanding the Culture to Ensure Business Success

Ensure Business Success by Understanding the Chinese Culture.Most businesses that are intent on global expansion do not fully understand the subtle cultural dynamics involved or the potential problems that can arise when partnering with a foreign country such as China.

Among the most common issues are:

  • lack understanding of Chinese workplace behavior

  • unsure how to resolve conflicts and problems

  • unsure how or where to start the relationship

  • not prepared to effectively interact, negotiate,
    and work with the Chinese

  • unfamiliar with China and its people's business beliefs and culture

With more than 25 years of first-hand global business experience, Pat Tith is the international business culture expert to help your business work more profitably and effectively with China. Global Dynamics can help you:

  • gain an understanding of Chinese workplace behaviors

  • learn about your own workplace behaviors to help you work
    and interact with the Chinese more effectively and efficiently

  • recognize and resolve any potential cultural roadblocks
    you may encounter

  • develop improved communication skills to work better with people
    from different cultures

  • master strategies to encourage employees work more effectively
    and productively as teams

These solutions are delivered via one-on-one consulting, specialized training, and personal coaching, supported by an emphasis on Internet, webinar, and teleseminar use. Each of Pat's programs can be customized to target the specific needs of your organization.

Discover how Pat Tith, MS, MA, can help your organization create
globally literate executive teams and show you how to create an environment
of success.
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Pat Tith is a member of the National Speakers Association (Member NSA) and International Federation for Professional Speakers (Member IFFPS).
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